Our School Faculty

S.No. Designation Total QUALIFICATION
1 Principal 01 P.G., B.Ed.
2 Vice Principal 01 P.G., B.Ed.
3 P.G.T. 09 P.G., B.Ed.
4 T.G.T. 16 P.G./ U.G., B.Ed.
5 P.R.T. 21 P.G./ U.G., B.Ed.
6 N.P.T.T. 01 U.G.
7 Physical Education 02 B.P.Ed/ M.P.Ed.
8 Music Teacher 01 P.G.
9 Dance Teacher 01 P.G.
10 Librarian 01 B. Lib.
11 Lab Assistant 01 P.G.

All the teachers undergo various training programmes from time to time being conducted by C.B.S.E. and reputed training institutes for the overall self-growth and development to acquire new teaching strategies and useful skills to improve their classroom management teaching skills.Teachers have excellent and refined skills to nurture a positive environment where children can flourish.

1 Capacity Building Program on Class Room Management
2Workshop for Teacher Enrichment in 'Accountancy'
3Teacher Enrichment in Physical & Health Education
4Teacher Enrichment in 'Economics'
5Teacher Enrichment in 'Python Language'
6Teacher Enrichment in 'Sanskrit'
7Art of Living (Happiness Programme)
8Cancer Awareness Programme
9P.O.C.S.O. (Protection of Child From Sexual Offence)
10Gender Sensitivity Programme
11Child Rights under R.T.E.