"The value of knowledge is in strengthening and disciplining of the mind."
---Swami Vivekanand.
Wisdom is that special feature of human personality, on account of which human-being is considered to be superior than all other beings on the earth. It provides a higher status to man. This wisdom can be increased through education which is received by every child at different stages of life. During the initial years, parents are the best teachers and home is the best School, but as the children grow, parents send them to the School , which not only provides good education but also facilities for round development of the child in right cultural and social environment. In the school, with the guidance and supervision of the teachers, a child develops a better personality in different disciplines. One may become a good writer; the other a good orator; some others good Doctor/ Engineer/ Scientist/ Musician/ Professor/ Actor or an Athlete. The scope of his knowledge and wisdom becomes wider and wider. Schools are temples of learning and "BANASTHALI" is pioneer among them. Our School emphasizes to develop human values in the students. It tries to make them intelligent, courageous, laborious, disciplined, faithful, honest, determined and dedicated. Students coming from this institution have created landmarks in different fields and I am sure that coming generations will bring more name and fame to the School.
I congratulate the students and the staff and convey my best wishes to them.

With greetings and best wishes,