Circular No. P/17-18/014, Dated: 19/09/2017 - Security and Safety Rules

Dear Parent,

In view of the recent unfortunate incidents regarding safety and security of children, we at Banasthali wish to assure you that school is taking all possible steps to protect our children against any untoward incident. We are sharing some of the important guidelines which should be kept in mind and be followed religiously to ensure the well-being of children, as follows:

1)      Parent’s Identity Card:

·         It is mandatory for parent to carry their Parent-ID card issued by the School Authority while visiting the school for any purpose and under any circumstances.

·         No parent is allowed to pick their ward(s) without producing their Parent-Id Card. Please note that the ward will not be handed over to any other person.

·         Parent should not enter the school premises with any objectionable/sharp material.

2)      Student Identity Card:

It is mandatory for the student to wear School Identity Card (around the neck) in the school daily.

3)      School Transport:

·         Parent/Guardian are requested to personally see off and receive their ward at bus stop by themselves along with Parent ID Card. Ward will not be handed over to             any third person whose photo is not present in the ID card.

·         All School busses are equipped with GPS trackers to monitor the location of busses. There is one escorting teacher/maid, in addition to a driver and conductor. Police Verification of all the transport staff is always procured by the school.

4)      Self /Private Transport Mode (Including Walkers):

·         For Walkers, Self / Private Transport Users, Parent will be fully responsible for the security of their wards and the School will not take any responsibility for the          same.

·         Parent must ensure that proper verification of drivers is done and all safety measures are taken to avoid any untoward incident.

·         Parent must ensure that if their ward are using two wheelers/bikes etc., they should have a valid Driving License issued by the Govt. Transport Authority.

·         The School main gate will be opened at 7:30a.m. only. Please ensure that your ward will not be allowed to enter the school premises before that in the morning.

·         Parent are requested to pick their ward in the afternoon not later than 1:15 p.m. (for Prep- III std.) & 2:30 p.m. (for IV std. onwards) (Kindly adhere to the timings.)

·         The child should be picked/ dropped at school gate only and parent should not enter school premises unless its emergent.

5)      Any electronic / expensive /objectionable articles e.g. Mobile phones, watches, cameras and jewelry etc. are strictly prohibited in the School else strict action will be taken. Such article(s) will be immediately confiscated and shall not be returned back at any cost.

6)      Tiffin Boxes / water bottles or any other article will not be entertained at the school gate.

7)     The child should not carry any kind of sharp objects / pencil cutters / scissors etc. to the school. Geometry boxes should be carried only if required and asked for by the teacher concerned.

8)     Students should refrain from any kind of indiscipline/ use of abusive language/destruction of School Property. Strict action will be taken against such offences.

9)     Please label all the school belongings of your ward e.g. lunch boxes, water bottles with the name, class and section with permanent marker.

10)  Please regularly interact with your ward and train them to be cautious and guide them not to interact with any stranger. Ward should be made cautious about “good touch” and “bad touch” theory. Though, we practice “no touch” policy.

11)  Parent are requested to keep a close watch on the use of Internet at home by their wards. Mobile/Computer usage should be strictly associated with parental control filters only.

12)  The School is equipped with CCTV cameras and all vital points remain under surveillance.

Kindly fill up the attached Performa regarding the mode of the transport of your ward, and submit it latest by 23rd Sept., 2017. If Mode of transport is Private vehicle, please do attach the photocopy of the Driving License & Registration No. of the Driver.

Let’s join hands together, to give our children a safe and healthy environment.  







Rounded Rectangle: Paste the latest photograph of the Child.            (As per order No. DE-15/Act/Misc. corr./2014/27662-670,

                          it is compulsory for all the parents to fill up this form)


The Principal                                                              

Banasthali Public School,

G-Block, Vikas Puri, New Delhi -18


Subject: Engaging a school/personal/private transport for my ward.

Dear Madam,

I _______________________ Father/Mother/Guardian of Mst./Ms. ____________________, Class: _______ Sec.____ is studying in your school in Session 2017-18. I hereby declare that: (Please tick on the correct mode of transport used)

1.      I am using School transport for my ward.

2.      I am using private transport to ferry my ward from the school or my residence.

3.      I am using my own means of transport to ferry my ward from the school or my residence.

I take sole responsibility and certify that the private transport hired by me has GPS system installed and is functioning properly. It is an arrangement made entirely by me and at my own risk. The school would not be held responsible for any consequences.

Also, I shall not be sending my ward before 7.30 a.m. and shall pick latest by

1:15 p.m. (for Prep- III std.) & 2:30 p.m. (for IV std. onwards) from the School.

I have read the Security & Safety rules Circular No. P/17-18/014, dated: 19.09.17

And shall abide by the rules of the School.

The particulars of the Private Vehicle/ Van/Cab Driver/Conductor:

Driver Name: _____________________ Driver Mobile No.:___________________________

Conductor Name: ___________________ Mobile No.:_______________________________

Vehicle No. ________________________, Driving License No. : _______________________

Registration No.____________________________ Seating Capacity____________

Driver’s Address:______________________________________________________

      I am herewith attaching the photocopy of the Driving License & Registration No. of Driver.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Father       Signature of Mother      Date: ____/_____/_______Dear Parent,