Notice Board


CIRCULAR No.P/1819/28, DATED 06-02-2019  "Annual Exam Date Sheet"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/27, DATED 11-01-2019  "Safe Transportation of School Children commuting by Private Vans/Cabs"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/26, DATED 08-01-2019 "Measles-Rubella (MR) Vaccine"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/25, DATED 27-12-2018 "Revised Datesheet of 2nd Pre-Boards for Classes X & XII"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/24, DATED 03-12-2018 "Remedial Class for Class X"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/23, DATED 29-11-2018 "Revised Datesheet of Pre-Boards for Classes X & XII"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/21, DATED 17-11-2018 "Annual Sports Day"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/20, DATED 31-10-2018 "Comprehensive Data of Students"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/19, DATED 10-10-2018 "Educational Excursion-Lohagarh Frams"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/18, DATED 17-09-2018 "Instructions for Mid Tem Exam"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/17, DATED 12-09-2018 "Health and Activity Card - IX to XII"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/15, DATED 05-09-2018 "Science Fair"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/12, DATED 10-08-2018 "Aadhar Card and Bank Account of the child"

Circular No. P/18-19/11, DATED 06-08-2018 "Karate Championship"

CIRCULAR No.P/1819/10, DATED 30-07-2018 "A Day of Fun and Frolic"


CIRCULAR NO. P/18-19/006, DATED: 09/05/2018 “Volley Ball Classes”

CIRCULAR NO. P/18-19/005, DATED: 08/05/2018 “Summer Vacations”


CIRCULAR NO. P/18-19/004, DATED: 08/05/2018 “Dance Classes during Summer Vacations”

CIRCULAR NO. P/18-19/003, DATED: 20/04/2018 “Updated Income Certificate of EWS”

CIRCULAR NO. P/18-19/002, DATED: 18/04/2018 “Educational Excursion 2018-19”

CIRCULAR NO. P/18-19/001, DATED: 13/04/2018- "BAISAKHI CELEBRATION 2018-19”

Examination Schedule


(1) A student will not be permitted to appear in the tests/examinations unless all the Dues are paid up to date.
(2) Minimum 75% attendance is necessary for appearing in the Annual examination.
(3) The School authorities can refuse to retain a student, who fails in the final examination.
(4) If a student is found using unfair means in the test/examination, his/her result in that subject would be cancelled and disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.
(5) In the absence of any requisite documents (at the time of admission), a student may not be allowed to sit in the examination or his/her result may be withheld or name may be struck off without issuing any notice.
(6) If a student is suffering from an infectious disease, parents/ guardians should keep their ward(s) at home till he/she gets fully recovered. This rule applies during examination and test also. Result of such cases is reviewed on the basis of monthly test, 1st terminal and half yearly examinations, past record and consultation with the class teacher.
(7) During test and examinations, no leave will be allowed except on medical grounds and a medical certificate from an authorized medical officer should be submitted with the leave application.
(8) A student absenting himself/herself from Periodic Tests / Examination will not be re-tested or re-examined. He/she shall loose the credit for the same in cumulative assessment which may affect promotion to the next class.
(9) As a matter of policy answers scripts of Annual Assessment will not be shown to student’s Parent.
(10) In case of medical leave, Medical Certificate has to be submitted.

Note: Examination schedule will be declared later as per C.B.S.E. norms.